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We show you how your business is making money and how to make more of it.

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What Results can you Expect...


Improved Time Management

Clients report gaining at least 50% more time away from the business without worrying about the business being affected by their absence.


Monthly increase in Turnover

The minimum increase in Sales & Profit that clients have gained by working with Elaine, some gaining increases of up to 30%.


Satisfaction rating

Number of clients who have said they would never go back to how they were doing things before working with us.

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What Clients Say...

"I feel I have got a much better handle on my business rather than working really hard and hoping the numbers will all add up...I now have a much better understanding of how money is going in and out in real time which gives great insight into the performance of the business. "

My clients no longer struggle with...

  • worrying their business will suffer if they take a holiday! 

  • feeling overwhelmed and not getting everything done

  • uncertainty around what they should be doing to grow and improve their business.

  • uncertainty around pricing and finances and how the business is performing.

  • stagnating turnover and profit

  • managing costs, finances and cashflow. 

  • getting their staff to work on their own initiative,

  • lack of focus and direction around growing the business. 

  • lack of confidence in their business know-how. 

How it Works ...

1. Get in Touch ...


Pick up the phone, send me an email or Request a Call Back.

This is a no obligation call designed to  see if what we offer is what you need. 

2. Let me create a proposal for you ...

Share with me your frustrations , your challenges, your goals  and ideas. 

Let me explore with you whats possible for you and your business and give you a PLAN for how you can achieve it. 

3. If you like what you hear...

Let us be your guide, mentor, sounding board and advisors while together we boost your business to a whole new level! 

It will not only make managing your business easier and more profitable but will give you back your time ,your energy and your motivation. 

I know you are the kind of people who started your business to be successful, independent and financially free. In order to be that way you need to be organised and you need a plan. 

The problem is, you don't have the time to work out where to start which makes you feel overwhelmed, out of control and frustrated. 

I believe that entrepreneurial business owners like you started out with a vision but have become bogged down in the day to day "doing" in the business.  

I understand this because I've been there and have experienced first hand the pressures and frustrations of running a small business that none of us really expected when we started out. 

Thats why I have created this business performance advice and coaching , exclusively for business owners like you, so you can become as good at business as you are at your job! 

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Here's how it works...

Step One: 

Simply lift the phone 087 9421214  or drop me an email and have a short, no-obligation, chat with me to see if what I offer is what you need. 

Step Two: 

After listening to your needs I will give you a written plan for what the future could look like in your business. 

Step Three: 

I work with you hands-on and shoulder to shoulder until we achieve your business objectives. 

Everything is easier when you have your very own guide and advisor to help you along the way. 

So, contact me, Elaine Smith, right now so you can STOP spending every day in your business "fire-fighting" issues and START taking some control over how you are developing and growing your business into the money making machine that will give you the lifestyle you dreamed of.